China Elite Financial Services Project

We guarantee full-time offer at big four/brokers/banks with foreign origination

The project incorporates hands-on training needed in banks with foreign origination, investment banks, big four, consulting, brokers, PE and VC, offline and online intensive recruitment training for financial services, unlimited intern referral, mentee-exclusive network group, and guaranteed full-time position at big four/brokers/banks with foreign origination.

We are devoted to offering you one-stop consulting solution and career services platform.

The project adds to overseas career and intern projects. It offers new solution for thousands of students who are studying towards business degree overseas.

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What Do We Guarantee?

Mentee-exclusive network group
  • All mentees have unlimited referral opportunities until they receive a final full-time offer.
  • Mentees will be invited into a network group, they will have access to exclusive information for intern positions at financial companies that are not publicly open. The success rate for them to be accepted for the roles is high.
  • There are two kinds of internship. Some top consulting firms, PE, VC, brokers, or accounting firms might require some referral fee. These internship opportunities would be listed and mentees decide by themselves whether they want to pay or not.
  • 80% of referral opportunities are free for all mentees.
  • Past mentees who have successfully landed a job will be invited to the group for industry insight sharing and position information sharing.
  • The project suits students in penultimate or final year.
  • Accumulation of intern experience and resources will avail you in landing better full-time positions!

On guarantee of intern and full time position in financial services industry

  • We guarantee that you will land the intern (likely to receive a return offer) or full timeposition with our partner. You will receive 1-3 rounds of interview after referral, depending on the company’s requirement.
  • Mentees will have unlimited referral opportunities in financial services industry until they are accepted.
  • Mentees who are not accepted within 6 months will be refunded in terms of career guarantee according to the contract. We will not be responsible for problems due to the mentee’s own schedule, such as he or she cannot work out enough time to attend the course.
  • Some companies would require interns to work as full-time employees after the internship ends. Based on decisions of both the mentee and the company, we will be responsible until you receive an internship.
  • You will work on any function including front/middle/back office at banks, brokers, PE, VC, big four auditing, tax, consulting, and management consulting.