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Many students with an Australian education background fail the attempt to step into leading investment banks, because they lack relevant experience.

Our program is designed for ambitious talents like you!

The course offers hands-on training in fund management and administration, wealth management, M&A deals, financial modeling, Excel cases, IBD interview, and Big Four consulting. It also includes a mentee-exclusive network group. Mentees are guaranteed to intern at a front desk position with a local investment bank.

Our Host Company


Melbourne Investment Banking

Melbourne IBD

Headquartered in Melbourne, Sanston is devoted to consulting and investment bank services. The team has solid experience in consulting and investment bank services throughout Australia and APAC, including corporate strategy, M&A, research, wealth management and financial management. Sanston is as well devoted to providing tailored investment banking and financing solutions for clients. Over the years, the company tapped into investment opportunities in Australia and APAC. It also builds strong client network, providing support for globalised development in the future.

Main business of the company can be divided into four parts:

  • corporate strategy: provide strategic, structural and financial solutions for companies, including corporate strategic analysis
  • corporate finance: find potential opportunities for private equity investors, including Pre-IPO and listed companies
  • corporate M&A: help large enterprises in Asia merge and acquire Australian local companies
  • wealth management: help high net worth guests find valuable opportunities in Pre-IPO equity investment and IPO investment


Sydney Investment Banking Department

Inno Quantum Capital Management

The company is quantitative-based investment house with expertise in combining the massive amount of data, world-class computing power, and financial expertise to achieve above average result for investors.IQCM was established in Australia licensed by ASIC (AFSL:486229, AR 000486229) to provide financial services including fund management services.The company invests alongside its clients in liquid and transparent markets with a focus on pragmatic and rigorous risk control. It successfully launched its first ASIC registered whole sale fund in 2017.


Sydney Investment Bank

Intern positions

  • quantitative trading analyst
  • equity research (US stock and AU stock)
  • commodities transaction execution analyst



Petrel Capital

Petrel Capital Management Limited (“Petrel Capital”) invests primarily in equities of Hong Kong listed Chinese companies. They seek to achieve absolute returns through pursuing a long short strategy.

They deploy a rigorous, deep-dive research process to identify small cap stocks with solid fundamentals that are under-covered by sell-side research.

Their vision is to become a world-class investment firm by building an innovative and sustainable investing platform.


Founder, Portfolio Manager — Rawen Huang

  • Mr. Huang founded Petrel Capital Management Limited in 2015.
  • Before founding Petrel Capital, Mr. Huang worked for two Asia focused hedge funds in Hong Kong. At Oasis, Mr. Huang worked as an investment analyst and conducted deep-dive validation and accounting-focused research on listed Chinese companies. At Kilometre Capital, Mr. Huang conducted fundamental, bottoms-up research across multiple sectors. Mr. Huang started his finance career as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in New York, where he advised on a wide range of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, capital raising and restructuring.
  • Mr. Huang graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Studies, and received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School.

Mentee-exclusive network group

  • All the mentees have exclusive free referral opportunities besides the guaranteed 2-month intern opportunity, and the mentees will be the first or the only group of people who have access to these opportunities.
  • Information and referral will not only be for intern positions, but also be on permanent positions.
  • If mentees decide to work in China, they will also be referred and will be considered after mentees of Chinese Elite Course.
  • Mentees will be invited into a network group, they will have access to exclusive information for intern positions at financial companies that are not publicly open. The success rate for them to be accepted for the roles is high.
  • There are two kinds of internship. Some top consulting firms, PE, VC, brokers, or accounting firms might require some referral fee. These internship opportunities would be listed and mentees decide by themselves whether they want to pay or not.
  • 80% of referral opportunities are free for all mentees.
  • Past mentees who have successfully landed a job will be invited to the group for industry insight sharing and position information sharing.
  • Accumulation of intern experience and resources will avail you in landing better full-time positions!

We guarantee intern position at local Australian investment bank

  • You will receive a letter of intern completion.
  • We guarantee that you will land the two-month intern position with our partner. You will receive 1-3 rounds of interview after referral, and your role will be decided by your interview performance and your choice.
  • IBD positions include M&A, IPO, wealth management, equity research, and trade support.
  • Within the two months, you will rotate between different desks and participate in live deal.
  • During the two-month internship, mentees with student visa are limited to 20 working hours every week. Based on that, mentee might choose to work part time.
  • Mentees need to participate in ID check, sign a contract with CMC and ensure confidentiality.
  • You can work with top bankers.
  • The working environment is English.

Australian IBD Course

Stand higher to start higher

Offline Training

About Financial Industry Hands-on Training

  • Hands-on training of real middle and back office deals in leading investment banks. You will receive training on various security products, valuation, fund administration, and settlement process.
  • M&A process and logic of leading investment banks. You will receive hands-on training in various phases of valuation and M&A.
  • Hands-on cases of Big Four Consulting, simulation of financial modeling, financial report preparation and road show in the front of customers.
  • Excel hands-on training coupled with real cases, hands-on training of dashboard and VBA programming.
  • Fintech skill training.
  • Investment bank CV preparation, interview training and one-on-one hands-on training.
  • Group assessment cases of Big Four and investment banks, mock assessment day and performance feedback from mentors.

Elite Accountants Course Introduction

Program Structure

1.Introduction of the fund administration industry – Derivatives
  • Structure of fund administration
  • Fund administration division and define administrator’s roles
  • Types of different derivatives introductions: Exchanged traded and OTC
  • Derivative trades operations and J.P Morgan and Goldman Sachs funds valuations practice set focused on futures and options
  • Major types of the Swaps and Goldman Sachs structural trades valuations practice
2.Corporate actions events introduction and fund administration treatments
  • Different types of CA events
  • Impact of the CA events
  • Bookkeeping and reporting of the CA events from administrators’ perspectives
3.Portfolio Management – Trade settlement
  • Introduction of two settlement system: DVP and FOP
  • Explain what the standard settlement instructions is and introduce swift messages: MT541, MT543 and MT599
  • Provide the different cases to explain SSIs based on about ten major markets
  • Explain the reasons about failed trades in the market and give the different case scenarios to analyze and explain how to follow up on and solve issues about failed trades in the market
  • Introduce Hiport functions for Fund accounting
4.Middle Office Operation – Business Model
  • Introduce and explain different business models for different clients and IM for the different portfolios
  • Clarify the relationship between the client and IM in the different models
  • Introduce the special Equity product – placement.
  • Explain how to set up the placement in BNP system and Omgeo CTM and how to process the placement based on the case studies
5.Investment Manager Client Operations 
  • The introduction of funds operations in front office, middle office and back office and interdepartmental relationships
  • The skillsets required at front desk and future career developments such as: quantitative analyst, trader, fund managers positions etc.
  • The role of custodian in the fund management industry and its dependency with investment managers and brokers
  • The practical roles play on client side (Super funds etc), fund managers (Macquarie Bank, Vanguard, QIC, etc), Registry (Link Market) and custodian (BNP, JP Morgan, HSBC, etc)
6.Investment Analysis on Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) with IPO Practice
  • How to complete an analysis and valuation of a real estate portfolio
  • How to implement cash flows budgeting and forecasting and assisting in identification of strategic investment opportunities
  • The procedures involved to complete the IPO of the REITs, portfolio acquisitions through private placement and platform acquisitions of other REITs
7.Corporate Finance Practice and Financial Modelling Implementations
  • Introductions of various financial and corporate models to solve short term and long term business problems
  • Practice of financial models to support capital investment, acquisitions and business planning.
  • Integrated financial models to assess capital investments decisions and initiatives
  • Assumptions building in the models including WACC, Capex, Opex and cost allocation method
  • A corporate model practice using VBA and data analysis in Excel
8.Tax Advisory Practice on M & A deals within Energy & Resources Industry
  • The methodology of tax advisory on M & A deal in E & R industry including tax planning and tax structuring on complex multinational corporate groups
  • The utilisation on the tax advisory method on infrastructure sectors
  • Financial models utilised to set up tax advisory assumptions
  • Financial model practice to consider tax elements on complex corporate operations and the financial outcomes by completion variance analysis
9.Big 4 Advisory industry introduction
  • Advisory industry development for now and for the future for all Big Fourers
  • Advisory business line introduction in C Cyber Security, E-commerce, Banking, Car industries
  • Roles in broader advisory industry
10.Big 4 Advisory techniques and methodologies
  • Advisory and consulting methodology introductions
  • Communications within the industry – know the needs, raise the issues and solve the problems
  • Practical PwC real cases analysis practice by setting up financial models, data analysis and with PPT Roadshows
11.CV and Interview Preparations 
  • Key to write a set of resume and cover letter that secures you interviews
  • Resume details highlights
  • Importance of “achievement” writings – what distinguishes you from other candidates
  • What if you have less/little experience (and believe me upfront, there is no shortcut for this, but you have the control to improve it)
  • Interview techniques and Mock interviews
  • The art of selling yourself and have the agents to sell you – as a product
12.Unveil Big 4 Graduate Recruitment Secret World
  • Online applications introduction
  • Online test
  • Superday
  • Career Path from Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Senior Manager to be a partner
13.Business Analysis Practice using Excel Tool
  • Introduction of basic Excel functions including IF, PIVOT TABLE, VLOOK UP etc. with final excel presentation and conditional formatting
  • Dashboard KPI Report with a practical case using traffic lights, pie chart, column/line chart, stacked column chart and combo chart and waterfall chart with an Excel presentation
  • Introduction of Financial Modelling by VBA & Power Pivot: The introduction of VBA and Power Pivot with benefits
  • Introduction of Visualization Tool – Power BI & Assessment with case study

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