From data transformation to data visualization, we offer analysis on the whole process from transformation to visualization. You will be trained to have stronger sense of dealing with data and be more competitive in the job market.

You will grasp technicals of VBA, Python, Alteryx, Tableau and have an edge over other competitors.

You will receive training on over 100 cases. Practice makes perfect, and others will stand in owe!

All cases are based on real work, you will be trained to solve real business problems!

You will grasp more than visualization, and others would envy!

Excel / VBA

Main course content


  • the whole process from transformation to visualization.
  • You will be trained on advanced data skills needed by employers. At the same time you will be trained in logic and presentation.
Visual Basic for Applications
  • Starting from basic VBA knowledge, mentees will be familiarized with computing macro in Excel. Mentees will understand various ways VBA is used in the financial services industry, accumulated hands-on experience, accelerate the speed of dealing with massive data and improve working efficiency.
  • Learn how to develop VBA based on actual need. Be able to offer complete solution for data problems, offer application for employee and third-party, and improve automation.
  • Mentees will understand how to offer VBA solution for financial report management, financial derivative pricing, portfolio optimization. You will be trained to become VBA master starting from zero.


  • Starting from basic grammar of Python 3, we include all kinds of data structure, conditional judge and loop, function, functional programming, and programming facing users. You will be trained to understand the difference between Python and other computing languages, and use data packages in Python, including Numpy, Pandas. Being exposed to cases, you will grasp core data processing and analysis logic in a short time and deal with medium-sized and large-sized dataset.
  • Understand unique functions of Python in data visualization in depth. understand core data visualization function including package and matplotlib. Mentees will know the exact diagram for visualization after learning many real case studies.
  • From data processing to visualization, mentees will fully learn Python in an all-rounded way and use Python in a sophisticated manner.


  • Understand skills of Alteryx. From merging various databases to data cleansing, analyzing, visualization, you will fully grasp the new star outperforming Excel.


  • We start by basics of Tableau. We will cover connecting data, building basic data diagram, filter, order, group, and applications including mapping inside Tableau, scatter diagram, trend analysis and interactive dashboard. In the end you will learn how to publish the result and share the result.
  • Based on various cases, we will introduce advanced analysis such as various computing skills of Tableau, creating computing text and calculating tables quickly.
  • We understand deeply the employers’ needs. You will understand deeply about Tableau, grasp the skills, and pass interview easily.

Case Study

  • One-day long large real case practice that covers the whole process fromraw data to visualization. You will be able to review the content and memorize better.
  • Get hands-on experience and understand the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of data processing techniques.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of diagrams used in data visualization.
  • We will give you one-on-one feedback based on employees’ expectation based on your performance during the day. We hope that you would improve in the future.


2012 – 2015 年就职于普华永道北京担任高级顾问。2015 年底获得中国注册会计师(CICPA)。现就职于普华永道悉尼部。主要负责数据收集,处理,建模,分析及可视化。用5年+的实战经验告诉你们什么样的人才、什么样的数据处理技能是雇主的刚需!
小鲜肉助教 – Ivan

Suitable People

Anyone who wants to step into data analysis related financial industry (fund management, broker, investment bank, consulting)

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